About Us

Leduc Track was formed in 1979 by John Bole and incorporated in 1982. We have a long history of success with athletes from our club who are consistently selected for Provincial and National teams. We have sent athletes to the National Junior and Senior Championships, Commonwealth Games, Francophone Games, World Youth, Junior and Cross Country Championship. Many of our athletes are offered scholarships to attend Canadian & US Colleges/Universities.


We offer optimum competitive opportunities for ALL athletes regardless of age and ability. Grade 9 - 12 athletes participate in the Simplot Games in Idaho annually. Qualified highschool athletes attend the Arcadia Invitational Meet every April in California. The entire club attends the Jack Brow Memorial in Kelowna every year. All athletes travel to competitions throughout the province and into Saskatchewan and British Columbia on a regular basis.


Our clubs philosophy has always been to develop athletes to their highest potential by providing certified coaching and financial support.






John Bole




Darren Dellezay

Jennifer Zawaski-Dellezay

Katie Elder

Ray McCubbing




Our indoor season runs from November - Late March. We train two days a week, on Monday's, and Wednesday's. Monday's are at the Leduc Composite Highschool, and Wendesday's at the Leduc Recreation Centre.

The Leduc Track Club competes in Indoor Meets in Edmonton, and Calgary. Highschool ages athletes who qualify also have the oppurtunity to travel down to Pocatello, Idaho to compete in the Simplot Games. 



Leduc Tracks Outdoor Training Season runs from early April - late August depending on weather. We train at the John Bole Athletic Park located next the the Leduc Composite Highschool on Monday's and Wednesday's, and Tuesday's and Thursday's for specified training.


The Leduc Track Club competes in meets in and around the Edmonton area. The club attends the annual Jack Brow Memorial in Kelowna, BC every year. Qualified highschool aged athletes can compete in the Arcadia Invitational Meet in California. 



Our Cross Counrty Season starts up in early September and runs to early November. We train in the Lions Campground in the Devon River Valley, and then in the Aileen Faller Park on Monday's and Wednesdays later in the season. 


The Leduc Track Club competes in cross country meets in and around the Edmonton area.